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This amazing course is brought to you in partnership with TimberTop Adventures. Campers aged 9+ will get to enjoy 4 zips and 2 sky bridges. This camp course is actually part of a much larger extended course offered as a Fall/Winter experience! Platforms for the course can reach up to roughly 20ft so climbers should feel comfortable with these heights in order to do the course.



Because this zipline is offered in partnership with Timbertop, you will need to sign a separate waiver from the Ranch waiver you have already signed. You will need to fill out a zipline waiver for each week your camper is attending. If the waiver is not completed campers will not be able to participate in this activity. If you are not sure if your camper is interested in this activity you can still fill the waiver out. Camp often brings out the outgoing and brave side in kids, which is great. We also understand some campers may feel hesitant and that's ok too, no camper will be required to zip if they are not feeling comfortable. Campers who choose not to participate in this activity will participate in another activity at that time.


*This activity is offered to campers 9 years and up only.


The course was designed for climbers with a minimum reaching height of 3’11” (120 cm).

Note: If you want to measure someone’s reaching height at home simply get your child to stand with their feet flat on the ground next to a wall and have them reach up and touch as high as they can on the wall.  If you measure from the floor up to that point and it’s 120cms or higher then they are good to go!

After harnessing is complete, climbers will receive a comprehensive safety briefing of up to 15 minutes, where they will learn to use the equipment and have the opportunity to test it in the training area. After that they will begin the course. Our staff as well as TimberTop’s guides will always be nearby to provide guidance if they need a few hints or words of encouragement to conquer a challenge.

There will be 2 rescue guides on site at all times should they get into a situation where they feel they need additional assistance or need to exit a course midway through for health and well-being reasons. The rescue guides have received in-depth and specific training for this purpose. During a rescue, guides will be wearing their community masks and we will be asking those they are rescuing to wear theirs as well. 

Safety is the number one priority (ensuring our climbers have a good time is a very close second!). TimberTop uses the top-of-the-line Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, which ensures the user can’t accidentally unclip themselves from the safety line while in a course. Climbers are always secured with at least one carabiner until their feet are back on the ground. Also in use are the latest in helmets and full-body harnesses to further ensure the experience is the safest it can be.

TimberTop has built and inspected the course to both the ACCT and the more stringent European safety standards.

In addition to yearly and monthly inspections, TimberTop staff also physically inspect the course daily before climbers arrive. Their team also perform a multipoint inspections of the safety gear used by the climbers after each use including the harnesses, helmets, zip pulleys and smart safety belays. 


Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 11.55.25 AM.png

Timbertop Zip Tours offers a new unique, winter experience at Snider Mountain Ranch. Enjoy a guided tour on 13 incredibly long zip lines, a campfire to warm up by while enjoying homemade cookies & hot chocolate followed by a horse-drawn sleigh or wagon ride back to the Ranch. Limited spots are available so it’s best to book early. 


13 incredible ziplines

in 2 hours of fun!


11 zips are over 300 feet!


Hot chocolate, cookies and a sleigh ride!

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